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Cheep Links
Wacky Whirly Straws
Acrylics, Beads & Baubles
...and MORE!  Check out
Parrot Toy Angels
for MORE toy making
supplies...and toys too!
100% of the sales
help the birds!
Cheep Sales
Welcome to the Cheep website.
Glad you flew in to join us.
Pull up a perch and get comfy.

We’ve got pages and pages of
cheep, feather-pleasing
toy ideas & instructions here.
From beginner to advanced.
Browse the site,
get some toy ideas and make
sure to check out our  
Cheep Sales  
for those not quite
ready to take the plunge!!

You’ll also find
Parts & Suppliers
Helpful Links
Safety Links & Info
“Cheep” Hints

Thanks for flying in and nesting for awhile!!
Check back often.  
New toy ideas added frequently!!
March 2007
This months XO Parrots Award goes to Cheep Parrot Toys n Tips. This website was handpicked by our Award Manager, a direct quote from her about the site can be found below.
"The ideas are great, excellent pictures and instructions and they use everyday items. The ideas can be adapted to all size birds."-Nancy

Kibibi Award
© 2005 Cheep Parrot Toys N Tips
  This site made possible thru the patience & tolerance of ToffeeMan!!!    Thank You!!!   I
A big thank you to “feathers17”...couldn’t have done it without you!!
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This site best viewed with IE 6, Firefox or Netscape 7.1...Please update your  JAVA  &   FLASH  for maximum viewing pleasure