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4 of the smallest Hula Hoops (bought @ Dollar Tree)

4 PVC - 1/2” “+” shaped connectors
(Home Depot, Lowes)

9 rolls of 4” X 5yds. Flexus-Plus wrap or Vetwrap
(8 is probably enough, but have xtra)

16 Stainless Steel Screws (nickel plated is okay, but no zinc). Some people do not use any screws, but I wanted to leave nothing up to chance. (See instructions below for size information as hoops are different sizes depending on who manufactured them, etc)

2 Stainless Steel Eyebolts

Cut each hoop in half and wrap with Flexus-Plus or Vetwrap. I used approximately 1 roll per 1/2 hoop. I used more on the ends as these will be wedged in the PVC connectors.
Wedge end of first hoop half into PVC connector and then the other end into another PVC connector. You now  have a semi circle with 2 PVC connectors on each end.  Next wedge other half of hoop into the connectors and you now  have a complete hoop.
Next do the same thing with another hoop using the same PVC connectors that are already on your first hoop. When finished you have 2 complete hoops with 2 PVC connectors.
Now do the same thing with your other 2 hoops. You now have 2 separate groups of hoops. Merge the two groups by putting one inside of the other. It works best if you disconnect a few ends to fit inside/outside the other set. You’ll have to play with it to see what shape looks the best. Once you are happy wedge back in.  If it is not a tight wedge you didn’t use enough wrap on the ends and can always add more (just cut some and wrap). I screwed through the PVC piece into the flexus and hoop. Make sure your screw is long enough to go through the PVC, flexus, hoop and possibly into the other side of PVC. Do not go all the way through where bird can touch it.  Attach eyebolts to inside or outside PVC pieces to hold toys. I put mine in the middle of PVC “+” piece.  Screw in another eyebolt on the very top outside to hang atom from.
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Remove hoop from stand.  Wash thoroughly.  Tape end of the sisal to hoop, leaving about 4 - 5” hanging loose.  Start winding around hoop, very tightly!!  When you’ve wound clear around hoop, tie the 2 pieces together....tightly!!  Insert hoop back into stand.

Atom Stand:
Cut 3 Hula Hoops to same diameter as hoop on stand.  Wrap tightly with sisal, tying off at ends. Attach to hoop stand using cotton fabric strips tied on.  Fill with toys and enjoy!!                          
Hoop Bird Cage Stand

3 Hula Hoops cut to same size as hoop on stand
More Atoms/Boings Coming Soon

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