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Natural wicker tray/plate
Cotton rope  -  cut approx 6”
Assorted toys to hang
Coconut shavings or any shredded material

Preening cotton rope side:
Fold the rope in half and feed the folded part through the side of the tray. Pull through and put the two ends through the loop….pull tight
Attach the shredded material somewhere on the tray. String beads and toys on Paulie rope/cotton rope/sisal at different heights all over the tray.
Ilona’s Basket of Fun
Straw hat…from craft store…doll size
Plastic or wooden spool
Chinese finger traps
Rubber ducky or other toy
Cotton rope
Assorted buttons, beads, toys, bells,
Grapevine  ivy balls
Thick needle

Start at the top by threading 5 strings through the spool.
Leave about 3” at the top because you will string beads on each one to secure so they won’t slip thru the spool…on one make a loop for hanging the toy.
One string goes through the top of the hat and that one is for hanging the rubber ducky…
Spread out the other four around the hat evenly and begin threading on beads. Knot between each bead.
When you get to the brim, pierce through and make a knot. Begin hanging the Chinese finger traps.
Below those you must hang something wider than the finger trap so they don’t slide off.
Continue down, creating your own design.
Finish with something you know will attract your bird.
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Ilona’s Straw Hat

Drill 4 holes evenly spaced around the middle of the napkin
ring. Drill 2 holes evenly spaced in the top rim of the napkin holder.
Take approx 24” piece of Paulie rope and thread thru opposing holes in middle of napkin ring. Thread 4 pony beads, 1 wood bead, 1 bamboo shredder, another wood bead, 4 more pony beads, and 1 mini munch ball (in that order) onto protruding Paulie rope.
Repeat on opposing Paulie rope.
Now thread another 24” piece of Paulie rope through remaining middle holes in napkin ring and repeat above process.
Thread a pony bead through a 15” piece of Paulie rope and tie knot in end. Thread from outside to inside through one of the upper holes in the napkin ring. Repeat on opposite side.
Thread both pieces of rope through saucer and pull both through the munch ball all the way to the top and through another saucer bead. Thread both through a wooden bead which makes a loop to hang the toy. Place pony bead through each end and tie knot.
Attach plastic link for hanging.
To add bell (optional), take a 12” piece of SS wire, attach bell to one end and pass wire through bottom saucer bead, napkin holder, munch ball and top saucer bead. Bend wire over itself and add a pony bead to cover bent SS wire.
Stuff large munch ball with favorite treats (bamboo shredders can also be stuffed with treats).
It’s also possible to put a treat inside the napkin ring.
4 Bamboo Shredders
9 Wooden Beads
3 Wooden Saucers
1 Wood Napkin Ring
4 Mini Munch Balls
26 Pony Beads
1 Plastic Link for hanging
Stainless Steel (SS) wire
Paulie Rope
1 Large Munch Ball
Goodies to stuff in munch ball
1 SS small bell

Tools:  Scissors - Needlenose Pliers - Wire Cutters - Drill
Nancy’s Crunchy Munchy Man