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This toy is for my feather plucking macaw, but is also for amazons, greys, etc.
2. There's more than one way to hang these trays. One is with plastic ties and you can hang the tray on the side of the cage (as shown above).
Another way is to tie a rope on the corner (as shown below). The rope I used was hemp.
1. I began with a 12" willow tray purchased at the Dollar Tree for $1.
3. To the excess hemp rope, I added some of Monti's favorite things, like wooden spools and wheels.
4. Using a steel hook (left I made myself and raffia (pictured right)...
Warning:  Raffia, like rope, is very strong. Wrapped around a parrot's toe, neck, foot can cause serious injury, even death.

Caution should be taken as with any toy idea on this website.
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5. I pulled the raffia through the willow tray.
6. Once the raffia is through, tie a knot on both sides of the tray, as shown above.
8. Then tie it together
in a knot.
7. Another way is to pull the raffia through where it's facing one direction (as shown above).
10. I threaded some wooden
beads on the raffia also.
9. More of her favorite things were added with leather strips.
11. As well as some larger wood pieces.
12. More wood shapes were added. Last I added a Quick Link and the toy was ready!
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J. Kaye’s Willow Tray Toy