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3 - 12 x 12inch squares of Sisal Mat
Untreated Jute to ‘sew’ it with
Large Needle
‘Safe’ Metal Grid to attach house to for stability (the metal cubes for storage from Target are excellent for the base)
Assorted toys
Paulie Rope/Cotton Rope/Sisal to attach toys with
Shower Curtain Ring or Plastic Link for hanging
 ‘Sew’ middle square to     grid  base for stability.
Begin attaching your
choice of toys to inside of house.
Attach as many or as few toys as you’d like.
Bring the 2 ends together at top and stitch together tightly.
Attach Plastic Ring/Shower Curtain Ring to top for hanging.
Folds flat for easy storage... or mailing to Australia  ☺☺
Finished Gingerbread House.....Hang and let your fids tear it up.....
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‘Sew’ 3 - 12 x 12inch squares together using Jute and the large needle..
This one goes out to Belle from Maggie and Mucki
Ilona’s Gingerbread House