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Child’s Plastic Bracelet (dollar store)
Butcher Twine or Sisal
Happy Face Plastic Ball (dollar store)
Wooden Blocks (dyed with food coloring)
Marbella Bead

Drill 4 holes in bracelet. (NOTE:  You can
just tie the twine onto bracelet).
Drill 4 holes in ball.
Top, bottom and each side. Thread twine thru
top hole on bracelet, attaching large bead on top.
Leave loop to attach link for hanging.
Inside the bracelet, attach few small beads then
happy face ball.  Continue on until inside hole is
full of beads.  At bottom where twine comes out,
attach wooden blocks. Knot tightly.  
Do the same running side to side with beads
Knot tightly!  Wrap bracelet with butcher twine.
Foam alphabet letters/numbers from a child’s bathtub toy
Assorted beads, buttons, foam beads or shapes (the fish are foam)
plastic toys…cut up straws, discs, etc
thick needle

Start by tying a bead on the cotton string and threading the other end on a needle
Go thru the top of the toy and  then string on your
Happy Face Ball (Dollar Store)
Poker Chip
SS Chain
Pine Blocks (dyed with food coloring)
“O” Rings

String poker chip and ball on SS chain.
Add purple and green marbella beads for
arms and legs, alternating the oval shaped ones
and square ones. For the feet, use marbella
rings.  The hands are flat round marbella beads.
The body is 2 pine blocks dyed with food coloring.
Use ‘O’ rings on the ends of the hands and feet
so they wouldn’t slip off.
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Nancy’s Aquarium
6” Embroidery Hoop
3 Plastic Fish
4 Plastic Star Fish
32 Pony Beads
Paulie Rope:
1 - piece approx 12” &  
3 - pieces approx 10”

Tools : Scissors - Drill

1- Take hoop, drill 6 holes top, bottom, left and right side,
(symmetrically) on hoop. The other 2 holes go on the left
and right side of the bottom hole
2- Drill 2 holes top to bottom in the 4 star fish and 3 fish
3- Take 1 of the fish and drill 2 more holes on both sides
4- Take 12” Paulie rope, tie a knot & add 1 pony bead.
String thru bottom center hole of hoop
5- Add 1 pony bead , starfish , 1 bead, string thru fish with the 4  holes, 1 bead, starfish, 1 bead
6- String thru top hoop hole, 1 bead, tie knot & make loop for hanging
7- Bottom side hole take 10” rope piece, tie knot, string 5 beads, fish, 5 beads. Thread thru side bottom hole of hoop. Add 1 bead, tie knot. Repeat  process for the other bottom side hole
8- Side hoop hole, take Paulie rope & tie knot. Add bead, string thru hoop side hole. Add star fish, bead, thread rope thru center fish & add bead, starfish, thru hoop side add bead and tie knot
9- Trim rope ends as needed.
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