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Stainless Steel (SS) wire
Pony beads
Plastic buttons
Cotton string  
Plastic baby toy

The pony bead toy is 7 inches in diameter.
Thread beads & buttons onto SS wire.  If unsure about wire you’re using, wrap cotton string around exposed wire.   If sure you’re using SS, no need to wrap top. The blue plastic piece at the bottom is just a plastic star shaped toy that had a hole in the middle of it.
SS filler rod
Foam beads
Assorted plastic or wooden beads
Barrel of Monkeys
Quick Link or Plastic Link for Hanging
Cut filler rod to length that you want. Make loop at top and attach which ever type of hanger you want.  String foam beads and asst. beads in pattern or colors that you want.  Drill a hole in the top of one monkey from barrel. 
Or you can use the crook in arm and make loop on end of wire and attach monkey. 
Have fun birdies.
 Andrea’s Twirler Fun
 This can be made as large or small as you prefer.
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Michelle’s Pony Beads
 So “Ugly” You Gotta Love her
Wiffle Ball (I used a large one)
Cotton Mophead or Lots of Cotton String
Beads (A few thousand!)
Buttons (I used 2 for the eyes, 1 for the nose and 4 for the mouth) 
Start by stringing beads on the mop head.  You can do as many or as few as you would like.  Personally, the more the merrier!  The more beads you use, the longer the toy will last.  Just remember to save 10 or so strings so that you can attach the mop to the head. 
String the eye button on a long string.  Thread it through the wiffle ball and tie it around the holes in the back of the future head.  Repeat for the other eye and the nose.  For the mouth, string the button and weave the string to make a smile.  I used a separate string for each mouth segment.  To finish each part of the smile I tied the string around and under the button to give it some depth.....however this makes the buttons easier to rip off...☺☺
The last thing to do is tie the mop to the top, back and sides of the wiffle ball to make the hair.  The more times you knot it, the better it will stay attached.  To frame the face a little, I tucked some of the bead strands on the forehead and sides of the face into the wiffle ball.
Enjoy the many hours you will spend making this toy!!  Your fid will love you for it!

Cody gives Ugly Lady
His Beak of Approval!!
Brandy’s Ugly Lady