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Delta’s Happy Ball
Drill holes in various spots of the ball.  (This particular ball was for my small guys).  On the top, drill 2 small holes next to each other and hook an O Ring onto it to hang it.  Attach the plastic chain and make it the length needed to hang it from the ceiling.  
String the foam beads on rope.  Knot 4 or 5 times on the inside to keep it from coming back through the hole.  
String on the toys you want to use and  knot it securely at the bottom.  The little ducky at the bottom is hung with chain.  Attach the chain with O Rings on the inside of the ball and attach beads to cover the chain.  Use O rings to hang the ducky toy.
Jolly Ball
Foam/Plastic Beads **
Stainless Steel “O” Rings
Plastic Chain
Toys, your choice
Rope/Sisal/Butcher’s Twine

Straws cut to length
Butcher Twine/Sisal
Peanut Butter Lid (thoroughly washed, of course)
Paulie Rope
Small Wooden Spools
Curlers with beads inside
Large Dice  (hole drilled in center)
Small Wiffle Balls
4 Small Wooden Flower Pots

Either drill holes in jar lid or use soldering iron to make holes.  Thread Paulie Rope thru lid, attaching curlers (that you have filled with beads), wooden flower pots and wiffle balls.  Thru center hole, thread Paulie Rope & attach wooden spools and dice.  Knot all rope securely.  Hang and enjoy!!
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Enjoying his
Jolly Ball
Toni’s Wiffey Curlers
AKA:  The American Idol Toy
Carolyn’s Birdie Beadie