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Select the twine; you can use cotton or sisal if its thin enough to go though a pony bead or other bead of your choice.  We used 3 strands, about 12 inches long, you may use more.  Tie a knot at the top so beads do not slip off.  Connect a quick link or some sort of link for you to attach to the cage or gym.
Second we strung 5 beads to start the top.
Third we strung 8 beads on each strand of twine.
Repeat steps 2, 3, and 4 until you get the length you want.
Fifth tie off the end with a bell or just a knot but be sure to tie it tightly so that the beads do not slip down the twine.
Sixth cut up some millet in 2 inch pieces or larger if you would like.
Lastly, put millet in the millet holder and hang for your birds!
Dixie trying out his new millet holder
Fourth we strung 5 more beads on 3 strands of twine. Pull it tight so that the beads kind of buckle.
Dixie and Daisy having a nibble on their
new millet holder J.D. made them!
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Terra & J.D.’S Millet Holder

A big thanks to Terra’s hubby J.D.!!!!