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Here are the straws I used:
Just everyday normal drinking straws you can buy in just about any grocery store.
Here are the plastic connectors I found that worked to hang them.  I got a huge bag of them from Oriental Trading Company.
There are several different shapes in the bag but the round ones seem to work best.
Then I used a razor blade utility knife and cut the straws into spirals.  I hold the razor in one place with my right hand and turn the straw with my left hand to make the spirals.  (I skip over the bendy part of the straw because it is thick and hard to cut evenly).  You might want to put a piece of tape on your thumb at first until you get the hang of it.  I managed to give myself a couple knicks the first few times I did it.
The straw starts to look like this.....the smaller you make the cuts the more floppy the straws are and the Angel Curl looks best.
Then just poke them thru the holes of the plastic connector and thread a few beads and embellishments on some of the straws.
Note: I put several straws thru each hole to make it nice and full. Put a quick link on one end and it's ready for the birds to tear up.
  OR...another clever way...
 OR...another clever way...
These were a real challenge for me; maybe due to my arthritis but I had to give it a shot.  I used a piece of wood (on top of a piece of rubber so the wood wouldn't slide) and a bamboo skewer inserted into the straw. I knew I couldn't do it the way Kathy did or I would have ripped my fingers apart.   ☺☺
The 2nd one (yellow & white) was made with a smaller diameter straw (dollar store brand). Had to do more to fill up each piece.
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(see picture)

This takes patience!! ☺☺
I sat and with one straw at a time, made a small cut in the end with a sharp pair of small scissors.  I kept cutting slant wise on one side, while turning the straw.  Then I put a bead on it of the same color straw.  I put the straws through the holes in the plastic piece with a bead on each side. Guaranteed hit with the fids!!
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