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Carolyn’s Balls of Fun
Softball sized Wiffle Ball
Golfball sized Wiffle Balls
NP (Nickel Plated) or SS (Stainless Steel) Chain
2 O-rings
Cotton Rope
Plastic Beads - round and flat
Legos (with holes drilled)
Foam Shapes ***
Poplar Branch - sliced and dyed (or your choice of wood slices)
Quick Link/Plastic Ring to hang

String NP/SS chain down through center of large wiffle ball.   Attach an O-ring on both ends, so the chain won’t fall through.  Put a plastic bead on the top.

String rope through holes towards the bottom of ball.  Thread a bead on the end (next to the knot), a piece of foam, another plastic divider bead, a golf ball size wiffle ball, another bead, a piece of lego, another bead, a piece of foam, another bead, another wiffle ball, another bead, a piece of lego, and last a flat bead. String it through the hole and out another hole.  Repeat threading.

Tie a knot in the rope at the top.  String a bead and wood slice.  Thread thru opposite hole and repeat.  Continue until all the holes are filled.

***  Use foam pieces at your own discretion.  Know your bird!!  
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