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Susana’s Straw Bridge
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How to make a Straw Bridge
An Original Design By Susana
(clicking on the  ~#~   will bring up an image to show that step)

   * (5) 18 inch pieces, and (1) 6 foot piece of cotton twine
     (You'll probably have leftovers on each end, but this gives you plenty of room)
   * Straws cut into (15) 3 1/4 sections
   * 4 Small round plastic or wooden beads slightly larger in diameter than your straws
   * And perhaps, some wire to use as 'needles' to pull your string thru the various pieces
     (Don't worry what kind of wire, it will NOT be part of the toy!)

Note: for the how-to photos, I made a small one out of tube beads, so it will look a little different.

Start by wrapping some wire around each end of your long piece of cotton twine, making a 'needle' of sorts to thread your string thru the straws. Make the wire long enough to go all the way thru your straw.   ~#~ Then thread one end thru your first straw, and pull it down till it's in the middle of your thread.   ~#~

Now, for each of your straws, run  the left handed string thru the straw from the left side , ~#~ and the right from the right,   ~#~
so they cross in the middle.  After several beads, it should look like this:    ~#~    (although I recommend tightening each up as you go, I left them loose so you could see how it works.

When you've got all your straws on, it should look something like this:  ~#~  
Now, take one of your 18 inch pieces and thread it though the last straw (the one that already has string hanging out of it). Bring both threads together (the original and the one you just put through) and put on one of your beads on each side, snug them up against the end straw, and knot them off.  ~#~
On the other end, bring TWO of the 18 inch pieces thru, bead and knot them like the other side.  ~#~

Take both remaining 18 inch pieces, cut each in half, and knot both halves together about half an inch from one end. Work one end up and down between the straws and bring the knot up close to the first straw,  ~#~

Flip the whole piece over, and work the other half of that string through the straws as well, going under where the first is over, and over where the first is under. Pull the whole thing snug, and knot that end as well. Trim any excess.  ~#~
Do the same for the the other side of the straws, so you have one of these 'weaves' near each side of the 'bridge' (see finished pic, above). For extra support, you can even do another in the center.

Now you can tie your bridge into any basket, or anywhere you want.
More Bead Ideas Coming Soon

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