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Stephanie’s Fishy Fun
Side View
Plastic Paddle Ball Game
(string and plastic ball cut off)
Paulie Rope
Plastic Fish – hard plastic for safety purposes
Pony Beads
Quick Link/Plastic Ring for Hanging

Before you begin cut off string and plastic ball that are attached to the paddle.  Cut 4 pieces of Paulie Rope, your choice on length.  
Make sure not to make too long so bird can’t get tangled.  Slide 1 rope thru hole in paddle and start stringing parts.  Use 6 fish on each side of paddle (front & back), separated by a pony bead.
Drill a hole in top of paddle and attach hanger of your choice.  Fishy Fun for Feathers!!
2 Small Wooden Stars ( Michaels)
30 Pony Beads
Paulie rope -  4 pieces approx 6inches long &
1 Piece approx 12inches long
2 Small Wood Beads
1 Wooden Spool
SS Quick Link

Tools – Scissors -  Drill

1- Color stars.
2- Drill holes in center of stars and in  two points of the stars.
3 -Take long piece of Paulie rope  make a loop knot in top for hanging.
Thread wooden bead, then 3 pony beads.  Thread this thru center of one star.
4 - Then thread thru spool and center of second star. Add 3 pony beads and then a wooden bead.  Tie knot.
5 - Take a small piece of Paulie rope &  tie knot.  String 3 pony beads, thread thru one of the star  points.  Add 3 pony beads & tie knot.
6 - Repeat step 5 to the 3 other points of the star.
This can  be used as a foot toy if you just knot the top bead and don’t make a loop
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Nancy’s Small Wood Stars
Plastic Straw
Foam beads  (Use at your own discretion)
Pony beads
Cotton string
Quick Link for hanging  

1.  Enlarge hole in foam beads with a knitting needle, pen or pencil
with a broken point. Put on both ends of the straw.
2.  Cut 4 equal lengths of cotton rope.  As long as  you’d like.  
Make them long because they need to be folded in half.  When
you tie your knots between the sets of beads you’ll have to tie
them 4-5 times so the bead won’t fit through the knot.
3.  Twist together 4 or 5 paper and wire twist ties to make a
length a little longer than the straw. A thin piece of wire can
also be used if you have some. Put end through middle of folded
string and make something resembling a sewing needle.  
Insert in straw and carefully pull about 1/3 of the length
through the straw.  You now have 4 long loops on the top of the
straw.  Pull the end of one string at the bottom of the straw
while holding onto 3 of the long loops.  Pull the one string
carefully until you have made the 4th long loop just big enough
for a quick link to fit through. Cut the 3 remaining strings in half.
4.  Now string pony beads on the ends in sets of 3.  After 3 beads
tie 4-5 knots on top of each other or enough knots so the bead
can’t be easily pulled over the bead.  On the top of this straw
I used 4 sets of 3 beads.  The bottom was 6 sets of 3 beads but
you can make them as long or short as you want. (I used alot of knots
because I didn’t want all the beads on a string to come off at once
when the bird unties the knots).
Valerie’s Dino Straw