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Mini Cutting Board ($1 at Target)
Bag of Farm Beads
Colored Straws – cut to size
Big Beads
Multi-shaped Beads
Cotton Rope/Paulie Rope/Sisal to string beads with

Tools -- Drill - Scissors
1 - Drill the holes..as many as you’d like.
2 - Cut the Cotton rope/Paulie/Sisal length you prefer.  Make sure it’s not too long. Safety first!!
Begin stringing the straw pieces, farm beads, straw, donut shape bead.  Alternating however you prefer.
3 - Repeat step 2 until all outside holes are full. 
4 - The 2 center holes are done differently. Thread straw, tie knot, large bead, tie knot, straw, donut bead.  Knot securely.
5 -  This is a totally customizable toy.....your choice!!
Guaranteed to be an instant hit with the feathers!!!  They’ll be cackling for more.
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Small plastic boat
4 Fish beads
3 Small wood beads
7 light blue pony beads
6 dark blue pony beads
6 – 1 inch pieces of  1 inch shredder roll
Blue cotton rope - approx 12 inches, cut into (3-4 ) pieces
10 inch piece of Stainless Steel wire
SS Quick Link for hanging
4 pieces approx. 8 inches of Paulie Rope

Tools --  Scissors - Needle Nose Pliers - Wire Cutters - Drill
1 - Drill holes in the 4 corners of the boat and also in the center.
2 - Take SS wire make a loop in top of wire.
3 - String wood bead on wire, thread wire thru center of boat , place small blue wood bead,  light blue pony bead,  small blue wood bead,  6 pieces of shredder.
4 - Make loop in SS wire to secure.
5 - On bottom wire loop tie blue cotton rope pieces securely.
6 - Take Paulie rope & thread thru boat corner hole.  Tie knot at top.
7 - Thread on fish bead , light blue pony bead, dark blue pony bead, light blue pony  bead. Tie knot. 8 - Repeat step 7 on opposite corner hole of boat.
9 - For the other 2 corners repeat step 7, except  use 2 dark blue pony beads and one light blue pony bead.
10 - Hang and let your birds ‘go fishin’
Kathy W’s Fun-on-the-Farm
Nancy’s Gone Fishin