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Childs Plastic Horse Shoe game (Dollar Store)
2 or 3 Packages of candy filled ‘Fruit shapes’ (Dollar Store)
****NOTE:  Of course unscrew the lid and empty the candy out and rinse well before using.
Plastic hair ties (with elastic cut off)
Foam shapes
Paulie rope
Pony beads & animal shaped Marbella beads
Dyed and drilled thin soft wood pieces

Start by drilling holes in plastic horseshoe. (Mine is hanging down....sure hope that isn’t bad luck).
The candy shapes have screw on lid with a hole already in it, you may have to make the hole just a little bigger to fit the Paulie rope. Run Paulie rope thru holes and secure with a marbella bead on front and back. Alternate foam, pony beads, plastic fruit, plastic and wood pieces. Tie off ends with pacifier or bell and use a SS eye hook and screw in top to hang.

Note: This one is a real hit with my Amazon, she has not stopped playing with this since I hung it. Everyday I come home to a pile of plastic, wood and foam pieces on the floor to clean up.
Mega Blocks
Paulie Rope
Children’s Stacking Cups

Drill holes on thru all Mega Blocks, including the large one used at top.
String Paulie rope thru each hole and double knot.
Drill hole thru stacking cups and string them on Paulie rope.  
Double knot between each cup.
Hang and watch your bird have a blast!!!  
Wiffle Ball – softball size
Sisal Rope
Large Wooden Beads
Small Pony Beads

Thread  long sisal rope through 2 opposite holes, pass 1 large wood bead through the sisal rope and make a knot (repeat for the other side).
Add small pony beads and make knots to hold them in place.
To hang the toy, make a loop with the sisal rope before making the knot.
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