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Scout’s Crabby Fun
Toni’s Smoothie Man
Plastic Smoothie Bottle
(label removed & washed in dishwasher)
Paulie Rope
Wooden Spools
Plastic Pieces from a Jump Rope
Small Wooden Balls
Small Wiffle Balls
Cotton Material (cut with pinking shears)
Small Straw Hats
Aerosol Lid (washed in dishwasher)

Drilled holes in top, bottom and on the sides of bottle. Thread Paulie Rope thru holes and string with an assortment of  beads, balls, etc.  Knot tightly. Inside the aerosol can lid are beads which were strung on the Paulie Rope and knotted securely.  Birds will love trying to get to them.
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Small wood bead
Large wood bead
Large wood flower pot link
Cotton rope 9 -10 pieces cut approx 36in long
(then unraveled to make four separate pieces)
30 - 35 plastic fish, lobster, aquatic creatures
40 - 45  small thin pieces of wood  1/2 x 2 x 1/4
Stainless Steel wire approx 10in long

Tools -- needle nose pliers -  wire cutters - scissors - drill

1- Drill holes in wood & sea creatures.
2- Make loop in SS wire large enough to fit all the cotton rope pieces in.
Insert cotton rope pieces in loop then even them off so they hang like a mop.
3- Pinch closed the SS wire loop around the rope with Needle Nose pliers. Thread flower pot (upside down) on to SS, then large wood bead then small wood bead.
4- Take SS wire & make loop at top end for hanging  link.
5- Decorate cotton rope strings with sea creatures and wood pieces tying knots between the pieces on each rope piece and securing with a knot at the end of each rope.
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Nancy’s Ocean Reef
Crab Base (Toys-R-Us)
Paulie Rope
Birdie Bagels
Plastic Snails
Wicker Munch Balls
Small Wooden Pieces
Small Wooden/Plastic beads
Quick Link or Plastic Ring for hanging

Drill holes in crab base.  Knot Paulie Rope tightly and thread thru base.  String on toys in whatever order you prefer.  I used the munch balls followed by a wooden bead at the end.  Knot tightly.  Attach Quick Link or Plastic Ring to Paulie Rope at top. Hang and turn your birds loose!!
You can use many different bases and whatever plastic and wooden pieces you’d like...very flexible toy.
This is SO easy and ‘cheep’ to make.
Finger trap
Cotton rope piece approx 24 inches
Wood bead
46 Pony beads
Paulie Rope approx 12 inches
Quick Link or Plastic Ring for hanging

Tools --  Scissors

1 - Make small hole in middle of finger trap.
2 - Take cotton rope,  thread wood bead and tie loop knot at top for hanging.
3 - Thread cotton rope thru finger trap.  Once thru, separate rope to make 4 sections (you can make 2 sections if you prefer).
4 - Knot each  section.
5 - String 6 pony beads on to each section & tie knot.
6 - Take piece of Paulie rope, tie knot at end.  String 11 pony beads. Tie knot, thread thru hole in finger trap. Tie knot. String 11 pony beads and knot securely.
7 - Attach Quick Link or Plastic Ring.  Hang and enjoy!!
Nancy’s Cactus Man