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2. I started with a three sided boomerang purchased at one of those party stores, but I have seen them at the dollar stores and Walmart in the birthday party section.
I cut the thin plastic from the sides with nail clippers. Then sanded the rough points smooth.
1. This idea is perfect if you have lots of leftover parts and not sure what to do with them.
3. I also had plenty of Paulie RopeTM leftover. Other ropes could be used instead. I attached a chain at one end of the boomerang.
4. Whatever toy parts were strung on one end of the rope, the same matching parts were put on the opposite end as shown above.
5. I did the same thing with the two sides. Although this isn't necessary, it does give the toy a look of organization and planning when in reality there was very little planning involved.
Here's the finished product. All that's needed is a Quick Link to hang the toy!
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J. Kaye’s The Hanging Boomer