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1 Small childs sand shovel
1 Medium size wicker hat
Several small wicker hats
Foam shapes  **
Paulie rope
Pony beads
Cotton rope
Small liberty bell
Quick Link/Plastic Ring for hanging

Take plastic sand shovel and drill 3 to 4 holes depending on how many strands you want.  Using paulie rope run thru the holes and secure
with a pony bead on both sides. String a foam shape between 2 pony beads.  Do strands of the same color or you could shake it up and string different colors on each one. Tie pieces of cotton rope between pony beads for preening. Tie off at end with a small wicker hat and a pony bead or a bell to secure. Cut hole in top of large hat and push down over shovel handle and use a Quick Link to hang thru shovel handle.

**Use caution when using Foam Beads with larger birds!!
Kathy’s Tiel Shovel
Pull rope through the ball so the 2 long ends hang out. Thread a large button/bead/foam bead and knot.  Do the same on other end. Choose your toys and thread them on.  It’s a good idea to put a knot after each toy so they don’t all fall off if your bird unties the bottom knot.
Softball size Whiffle ball
Cotton Rope
Beads – Wood - Plastic
Plastic Toys
Wood Pieces
Foam Beads (use at your own discretion)
Whifflefall in progress
Ilona’s Whifflefall
Wooden Spoon
10 pack colored dice
Cotton Rope (from 100% Cotton Mop Head--unused &clean!  USE AT YOUR OWN DISCRETION!!)
Paulie Rope/Sisal/Leather – your choice
Neon Straws – cut down to size for your bird
Penne Pasta
Plastic Chain for hanging

Drill 7 holes in spoon.  Drill holes in the dice.  String cotton rope thru holes on spoon and tie in knots.  Thread pasta
and cut straws, alternating pasta and straws. Tie a secure knot between.  End with dice on the ends.  
Attach chain and hang.
Joanne’s Pasta, Straw, Dice Surprise