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Plastic Chain/SS Chain or
Plastic beads, Marbella Rings
Cotton Braided Dog Pull Toy

Tools:  Drill - Hammer - Screwdriver

Take 1 coconut, shake to make sure it has juice in it and to be sure of freshness. With a pick and a hammer; make holes all around the middle of the coconut. This will allow the juice to come out. Then with a large flat heat screw driver and hammer; bang all around where you put the holes. Coconut will crack open, sometimes it opens nice and evenly, sometimes not. As long as you have 2 halves, that’s all that matters. Pry out coconut. If it’s too hard to get out let it sit for a day or two.

(If your letting it sit out for a day or two, don’t feed to birds.) To remove anything left on inside of coconut take a small wire brush and clean top and bottom pieces.  Put the top part in a vise and drill a hole right in the middle and do the same for the bottom half.
You need either SS chain/plastic chain/dog choke chain  (If your bird likes to chew on chain, use the Stainless Steel or Plastic for safety reasons!!). Cut open 1 of the closed rings and save for later. (Use heavy duty metal cutter).  Slide plastic beads, marbella rings, or sisal to decorate top of chain. Keep the closed ring on top, when you get to the bottom use a cotton braided dog pull toy (slide on to chain ) and replace your open ended ring. Close it up real tight. The dog toy will hide the ring.
Wilton icing for coloring tree and beads

Tools: Scissors - Drill - Saw - Vice

1- Prepare coconut  (See Cheep Hints page).
2- Color beads and tree.
3- Drill hole in top of palm tree & use 5” piece of rope to make a loop to hang link on.
4- Drill 4 holes in lower trunk region of palm tree.
5- Once coconut is sawed in half, meat is out and shell is cleaned, drill 3 holes in rim of shell and 1 hole in bottom of shell. If using Paulie rope these holes should be 1/4 “ drill bit holes.
6- Tie a knot  in 1 of the long Paulie rope pieces.
7- Place large wood bead and thread thru hole in bottom of shell going from the outside to the inside of shell, bring rope up to bottom hole in trunk of tree make a knot. Thread thru hole, place 3 small beads and tie knot.
8- Take Paulie rope piece and knot, place thru rim of coconut.  Bring rope to tree trunk hole thread thru, place 1 bead on and knot.
9- Repeat step 8 (using 4 beads).
10- Repeat step 8 (using 1 bead ).
11- Make sure when final knots are done that you end up with level shell before trimming Paulie rope.
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Paulie Rope (5 pieces) -- 1 approx. 5” long, 4 approx. 12” long
1 Large Wooden Bead
6 Small Wooden Beads
2 Medium Wooden Beads
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