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½ Coconut
Paulie Rope, leather strips
Wooden pieces (dyed with food coloring)
Stainless Steel (SS) chain to hang
Whiffle Ball
Wooden Dowel
“O” ring & Bell
SS Eyebolt

Drill holes  around coconut, including top for hanging.  
(NOTE:  See Cheep Hints page for cleaning coconut).  Knot
rope and string different size wooden pieces previously dyed with food coloring. Run SS chain thru top of coconut, attaching “O” ring on underside of coconut. Attach bell. Run SS chain thru wiffle ball (may have to enlarge holes) and attach to end of dowel with eyebolt. On wooden dowel, drill holes thru dowel with drill, turning a 1/3 turn all around for varied holes.  String plastic letters, beads, etc with rope.  
Carolyn’s Coconut, Blocks & Plastic
1/2 Coconut
Paulie Rope/ Leather Strips/ Sisal
Wooden Beads
Link or Ring for Hanging

Tools:  Drill

Clean coconut (NOTE:  See Cheep Hints page for instructions).  Drill random holes around coconut. Knot Paulie Rope and thread thru holes.  String wooden beads.  Knot tightly.  For top loop, double the Paulie Rope to allow attaching link for hanging. Face can be made by threading wooden beads on Paulie Rope, and knotting tightly inside coconut.
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