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6” grapevine wreath
Paulie rope– 24”
15 beads-assortment of wood beads, shapes, foam beads
1 Plastic link or SS link for hanging

Tools: Drill - Scissors

Prepare coconut - Drill a drain hole in the center front (let your birds drink the juice).
Use a large boring drill to make the right size hole for small birds to get inside.
SEE CHEEP HINTS for coconut preparation tips.
After the coconut has been dried and cleaned, you’re ready to start.

1- Drill small hole in top of coconut (at the peak ).
2- Drill 2 small holes about an inch apart in the center bottom of coconut.
3- Take a piece of paulie rope,  approx 15” long & thread up thru the bottom hole and then back out thru the other hole. Make sure you have an even length of rope hanging down.
4- Thread 5 beads on paulie rope, then thread paulie rope thru grapevine, add bead & knot rope.
5- Repeat the same on the other side of the rope.
6- Take approx 6” piece of paulie rope & string a very small bead. Make a loop and thread the 2 ends of the rope thru the top hole in the coconut.
7- The bead on top should keep it from going thru.
8- The 2 ends inside the coconut should have a bead placed on them and then knotted.
9- Add SS or plastic link for hanging.
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More Coconut Crazy Ideas Coming Soon

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Sisal, leather or Paulie rope
Beads, etc. for decorating

Tools:  drill and saw

Wash & scrub outside of coconut. Drill two or three holes (you can use the natural holes present on the coconut) and empty coconut milk. Saw the coconut in 2 pieces and lay it out, meat side down on cookie sheet. Bake at 250 for approx. 1 hr.  While hot, scoop out meat.  Wonderful treat for the birds. When the coconut shell is cool and ready, drill six or more holes, thread some sisal rope and tie some beads. I use the three natural holes to make a sisal hook to hang the toy.
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