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One large wiffle ball
Paulie rope
Large Marbella beads
Small Pony beads
McDonalds 43 piece play set ($4.89 from Walmart)
Stainless Steel Chain/Plastic Chain/Dog Choke Chain

String Paulie rope thru so there are 4 equal lengths thru
bottom of the wiffle ball.Tie a marbella bead with a knot
to keep them from sliding.
Drill holes in plastic food pieces.
String with a marbella bead or Pony bead between plastic
food pieces, tying a knot in different intervals then tie off
at ends with double knot.
Hang with chain of your choice.  
Dog Chain may be used, but use caution and know your bird!!!!
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1.  Get the DQ Toys
from Wal-Mart.    
 2. Take out all items from container.
5. Cut 5 pieces of your rope 
to any size  you want.
6. Feed your rope all the  way 
through the banana split. I used 
a  SS kabob when I had to 
thread the rope through length 
wise. I also used an ice pick when 
I had to thread the rope through
the front to back.
7. Tie knots on each side of the rope.
8. Start putting on pieces from the container.
You can also add anything you want.
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Kathy’s Big Mac Attack
Tina’s DQ Double-Dip Dazzler
3.  Drill holes all the way through the banana split;
3 in the front & 1 on the side.
4.  Drill holes in the remaining
items.  Does not matter where
you drill the holes.