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1 Place Setting from a Child's Tea Set
1 Plastic Peanut Butter jar lid, Large
Assortment of Pony Beads
Assortment of Cut Straws
Paulie Rope
Your choice of hanging device

Tools – Scissors – Pliers - Soldering Gun
(See Below For Soldering Gun Info)
Picture #1
‘Cheep’ ones can be found at Dollar stores
or Big Lots).  It’s easier to poke holes in the plastic pieces than to drill them and no sharp edges.
Plug in soldering gun to heat up.
CAUTION: gun gets very hot
Get your plastic tea set and plastic lid together.  Poke a hole in the center or ends of your items.  Poke a hole in the handle end of any utensil. Poke a hole in the center of the lid and then 6-8 holes around the edge.
See Picture #2... unplug gun, let cool.
Cut 3 or 4 pieces of  Paulie rope to desired length for the outer 6-8 holes.  
Cut piece of Paulie rope to desired length for the center hole of the lid, allowing for a loop to hang from. Tie a knot both on top and under the lid to keep lid from sliding around. 
String rope thru 1 of the outer holes, then string on a few pony beads.  Put the other end thru the next outer hole. See Picture #3
Tie a knot on the bottom side of lid to prevent sliding. Continue with the remaining pieces of rope. 

See Picture #4 & #5. 
String on beads and straws in desired pattern, along with 1 piece of the tea set toward the bottom of the rope.   See Picture #6              AND #7   
Tie a knot at the end of the rope and tighten by pulling with a pair of pliers. Repeat with remaining pieces of rope.  See Picture #8.
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Picture 6.
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