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Cathy H’s Garden Glove Toy
(Edited by J. Kaye Oldner)
Reprinted with permission
The gloves came with an elastic strip on the front. I cut that off. It might have been safe for the big birds, but I was afraid that maybe they'd get their claw stuck somehow.
Cathy said that the glove can be stuffed with nuts, paper, wood, toys, popcorn. So I went out to the storage room to see what I could find. It was then that I had a light bulb moment. Why not stuff each finger with something different? I have to be honest, I was feeling pretty proud of myself, being so smart and all. The good feeling came to an end as soon as I tried putting pony beads into the pinky end. I had pony beads in each finger hole, even in the thumb. Then, I tried filling the pointer finger hole first. When that didn't work, I threw everything in and shook the blasted thing. Maybe it was the force of the shake,  but it worked.  All finger holes were full.
To keep the all the beads and things in the finger holes, I sewed on a button, about a 1/2" above the opening of the hole.
Cathy said that we could also sew on beads and so forth for an extra challenge. I assumed she meant for the bird. But after sewing on one button and sticking myself three times, I wasn't so sure. Either way, I wasn't going to let a lot of pain and a little blood stop me. I was up for the challenge.
I proudly finished sewing all four buttons on.
I even sewed a button above the thumb hole opening.
Next, I stuffed the glove with raffia. (There was a huge sale at Hobby Lobby.) Also, please read the warning below.
To keep the raffia secure, I sewed on a larger button.
Next, I cut a 3' piece of sisal. It's not necessary to have such a long piece, but my birds like to chew on it. I slipped/threaded the rope around/under the large button.
There are several ways to hang this, but I decided to tie this on the side of the cage.
Then I took the extra sisal and tied a knot on each end.

Warning:  Raffia, like rope, is very strong.
Wrapped around a parrot's foot, toe, neck can cause injury even death.
Caution should be taken when using raffia!
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