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Arty gives the Climbing Net his
Beak of Approval

....get that camera outta my beaker, mama!!
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Arty’s Climbing Net by Kati & Putney
1. Gather a few t-shirts (I used 4  t-shirts for a net that was 2’ x 3’ with 3” x 3” holes).

2. Cut off the hems of the t-shirts and braid these together with a simple knot at each end so the braid does not come undone. These will be the top of your net (You could also use a dowel with notches cut into it or holes drilled through it).

3. Cut a small slit in the bottom of  one of the t-shirts at an angle.

4. Starting at the cut, rip the t-shirt in a spiral up the torso of the shirt. (Don’t worry if it isn’t one continuous piece but you do want them 5+ feet long each).

5. Roll the strips into a ball (like yarn) for each t-shirt/color  in 5-10 foot strips.

6. Repeat  steps 3-5 for all the t-shirts.

7. Pick three mini balls and tie the ends together in a simple knot. (If you do not roll the strips into a ball you will get a tangled mess when you try to braid the long pieces).

8. Braid the three strips in a traditional braid (this helps the t-shirt from fraying and makes fatter “rope”) and tie off the end in a simple knot.    Helpful hint: Tie the braid to a door handle or something else that will not move so that you can have tension while you braid unless you have someone to hold the other end for you.

9. Repeat  steps 7-8 until all of  your strips are braided. It helps if they are all of similar length!!

10. Take your “hem braid” from step 2 (or your dowel) and depending on the size of net you want these are your options:       (Remember: (1) You want two braids hanging down at evenly spaced increments, if you want 3” holes then they should be 3” apart. (2) You will loose some length when you start tying the knots. If you have 5’ “long braids” you will end up with a 3’ net.)
A. Thread the braid through a hole in the “hem braid” so that the “long braid” from step 9 is folded in half with the “hem braid” at the top.
B. OR thread two “long braids” through a hole in the hem braid and tie the ends off (This is if you want a longer net but the “long braids” aren’t long enough so the braids aren’t folded in half.)
C. OR thread the braid through a hole in the dowel and do option “a” or “b”.
D. OR tie the long braid to the dowel at the location of a notch and do option “a” or “b”.

11. Pick a knot that you feel comfortable with, such as one of the ones shown in DIAGRAM 1 SHOWN NEXT PAGE. Note: Test the integrity of your knot (that it won’t slip) each time you do this with a different material/rope by pulling on two strands (This should result in six different “pull tests” for each knot that you try).  I ended up using the a combination of the carrick bend (it  is the middle one,  but the way I did it turn your head 90 degrees) and the reef bend (also
turned 90 degrees).

12. Starting tying adjoining strands together in a row across. Then do another row across. And another until you run out of rope. The pattern should look like DIAGRAM 2 SHOWN NEXT PAGE. Hint: Using a small piece of wood (the size of the hole you want) inside each hole while you tie the knots to make your knots of even size. Remove the piece of wood after you tie each knot and place it in the next spot.

  13.   WARNINGS:
--As with any toy please know your bird and consider the safety of the toy.

-- Don’t use dirty old t-shirts that are going to irritate your bird’s feet.

-- Watch for loose threads or anything else little bird toes can get caught in.

-- Make sure your knots are tight so they don’t slip while your bird is on the net.
    (You don’t want to create a potential noose!)

CREDITS:   http://www.troop54.com/knots/Netting.htm