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Ricky’s Knotty Talon Toy
11. Holding the 4 cords between your finger and thumb, take the left over cord (which is the 6th - 24" cord) and make another loop with a long end and a short end and put it on top of the 4 cords you have between your finger and thumb with the loop facing the un-knotted ends of the 4 cords.
12. Now take the long end and start wrapping around the 4 cords and the loop wrapping towards the end of the loop and the un-knotted ends. Continue to wrap about 1 1/2".
13. Thread the long end of the loop through the loop eye and pull the short end tight until the long end is pulled up inside the wrap which will secure the wrap.
14. Cut off excess wrapping cord that is sticking out of the top and the bottom of the wrap.
15. Now thread a bead on the end of each of the eight cords and tie a knot in the end of the cords to secure the beads. Cut off excess cord.
You are done and now have a really cool foot toy.
1. Cut 6 equal lengths of cord (mine were each 24").
2. Tape all ends of each cord with masking tape to keep the ends from fraying while working.
3. Take 4 of the cords and put 4 of the ends together.
4. Take one of the 2 cords which were left over and make a loop, with one short end and one long end, and put the loop on top of the other 4 cords up close to the 4 ends which are together with the head of the loop pointing down to the other end of the 4 cords. (Leave enough excess cord to have about 6" left hanging out of the wrap to tie beads to when you are through).
5. Take the long end of the 5th cord and wrap it tightly around the loop and 4 cords and, keeping it very tight, continue to wrap about 1 1/2".
6. Put end of cord that you have used to wrap with through the eye of the loop that is still hanging out of the wrap and pull the other end, (the short end), until the long end, (which you have just put through the eye of the loop), and the loop, pulls up inside the wrap, securing the wrap. Cut off excess wrapping cord which is hanging out the top and bottom of the wrap.
9. Now take the other two opposing cords and put one over the arced cord which is closest to it and then thread it under the one farthest from it. Now do the 4th cord which is left the same way. Thread it over the arced cord which is closest and under the one farthest away. (This should give you a loosely woven four corner knot). Now tighten each cord until the knot is tight and secure.
10. Repeat steps 8 & 9 until you have about 6" of cord left over.
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