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Blue Plastic Wiffle ball
Veggie tanned leather strips
Wood spools and discs (or plastic pieces, your choice)
Quick Link for hanging

Thread the leather thru the holes, add wood piece(s) and tie a knot in the end. Do the same with the other end of leather. Repeat til ball is full.
Pris’ Leather Ball Toy
Wiffle Ball - size appropriate for your bird
Leather Strips (untreated)
Thread leather strips thru wiffle ball, knotting tightly on both sides.  Continue threading and knotting ball is full.  Can be hung or used as foot toy.
Mr. Leather gets Greengard’s beak of approval!!
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Heaving Line Knot
Used to attach to
Quick Link
Greengard’s Mr. Leather
1 PVC Plumbing Joint “T”
1 -  2” Stainless Steel bolt double threaded with lock nuts
Leather strips - untreated
Beads and asst. plastic pieces (most of these were
educational toys for kids to learn lacing)
Quick Link/Plastic Ring for hanging
Untreated scrap leather

Drill hole through both sides at top of joint and thread
bolt through and attach lock nuts.
Drill a hole on each end of the joint on the bottom side.
Thread leather lacing through both sides of the bottom
holes on joint and tie knots to secure so they don’t pull through.
Start threading plastic parts and beads on alternating as you go along with leather scraps.
Tie knot in bottom to hold pieces on and tie small pieces of
leather lacing on plastic pieces with holes.
Repeat for other side.
Andrea’s Leathery Fun
Small plastic cone
Leather Lacing
Various Plastic parts from educational toys
Quick Link/Plastic Ring for hanging

Thread 2 fairly long pieces of leather lacing through Quick Link/Plastic Ring then thread through cone. Attach beads, plastic parts, etc. in random order and  finish each strand with a knot to prevent pieces from slipping off.
Plastic pieces that have holes, lace with small bits of lacing. Knot tightly.
Andrea’s Leathery Tiel Toy