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Toni’s Pig Tail
PVC End Cap
SS Bolt, Nut & Washer
Veggie Tanned Leather Strips
Wood Beads

Drill holes in PVC end cap.  Knot
leather strips and thread from  inside out.  Thread beads on.  Knot securely. Attach to side of cage.
Could also be used as a foot toy depending on the size of end cap.
Toni’s Leather Tail
1 - SS 2 1/2" long Hexhead bolt (1/4" in diameter)
1 - SS self locking nut  (you can use a wing nut)
2 - SS fender washers
1 flat plastic bead
Leather strips (veggie tanned)
1"  PVC end cap

Drill holes in PVC.  Thread knotted leather from inside out on cap.  Attach to side of cage.
More Leather/Rope Ideas Coming Soon

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