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Siesta’s Toy by Nancy
To make the bottom  half which can actually be a toy itself :

1- Take mop head rope & cut strings in half.
2 -Place mop strings on swim ring by doubling mop rope over the ring and looping thru, do this until ring is covered.
3- Decorate strings alternating colored plastic jump rope beads with pasta, knotting each mop rope end.
4-With needle nose pliers take SS wire, wrap one end of the wire into the left side of the ring securing the wire to the ring and covering the wire with the mop rope. Thread saucer bead, then thread straw piece, then adding machine paper (the adding machine paper roll should actually fit over the straw). The straw helps it to roll better.  Add another saucer bead and take the SS wire, using needle nose pliers attach it securely to the other side and cover with mop rope.
Last step is to attach the first part with the second part. This can be done with a SS link or a plastic link to the bottom of the plastic chain coming thru the block.
Wood block - untreated pine appx. 4x4x5   
Plastic straw beads (got for 88 cents at Walmart, it was a jump rope)
Cotton mop head from dollar store  
Straw hats from Michaels craft store
Cotton rope appx 12” pieces(dyed in different colors)
Wood beads  
Wood spools
Wood saucers
Adding machine paper roll  
SS wire appx 8”
Penne Pasta noodles  
Plastic chain appx 12”
1 lg heavy duty straw cut to length appx 7” - can use regular straw if unable to find (this covers the SS wire)
Kids swim ring toss toy (4 to a pkg ) at dollar store
Wilton icing to dye parts

Tools:   Wire cutters - Drill - needle nose pliers -
 lots of patience

1- Take block of wood, drill hole large enough to put plastic chain through from top to bottom .
2- On each of the 4 sides of the block drill 5 holes. These holes should meet each other on the opposing side.  If your drill is big and long enough you actually only have to do 2 sides
3- Place plastic chain into hole at top of block.
4- Take colored rope pieces and thread thru holes in block (this is where some of the patience comes in). I took a piece of SSwire and made a hook like needle, threaded the rope into the hook and pulled it thru the holes (those of you who crochet might use your needles). 5- Knot the rope after threaded thru the block on both ends of it so it doesn’t get pulled out.
Repeat step 4 & 5 with all the holes.
Then start placing wooden beads, wooden saucers, wooden spools, plastic beads and straw hats on  the colored ropes dangling from wood block.  Knot them in place.
6- To make sure chain stays in place thru the center of block, take a piece of colored rope & thread thru plastic chain. Tie and unravel into 6 sections. Tie wooden beads to strings.
If  you have a heavy chewer you can also secure with SS wire and then decorate.
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Siesta’s Toy  by Nancy