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Dowel, cut to length you prefer with hacksaw
Cotton Rope
Veggie Tanned Leather Strips
Legos, holes drilled for hanging
Wooden Blocks, Plastic Animals, Spools
(great way to recycle gently worn toys)
Stainless Steel Eyebolt for hanging
Quick Link or Plastic Ring for hanging

Tools -- Drill - Handpress - Hacksaw

Cut dowel to length you prefer using hacksaw. Then put the dowel into handpress.  Take drill with 1/4 bit and drill the holes for the rope and veggie tanned leather strips.  Knot securely on one end and then begin threading toys on.  Fill half of strip then thread thru dowel...continue threading toys and knot leather strip securely. Screw eyebolt in top of dowel, attach Quick Link or Plastic Ring......Birdie paradise!!
This toy can be made as large or small as you prefer.
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