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9” piece of 2 x 4 with holes drilled
(When purchasing wood, Home Depot/Lowes
will generally cut wood down to size for you)
Leather/Sisal/Paulie Rope – something to string with,
Approx 19” – 20” long
Many, many misc. toy parts – recycled parts are great
Quick link/ plastic ring for hanging

Tools:  Drill needed for holes

Drill about 30 holes in block of wood.  (Based on how long your piece of wood is and the size bird).  Thread your leather/sisal/rope thru each hole.  Knot on each side of block. Gather as many spare toy parts as you think you’ll need, then double or triple the amount.
Start stringing parts.  Knot between each part or approx ½ way down each rope (that way if your bird unties a knot, all the pieces won’t fall off!!)  Leave the top holes empty for hanging. Finish stringing lots and lots of toys.   
With this 9” block and 30 holes, that’s 60 pieces to string. Average 3 toys per string that’s 180 toy parts!!!
When you place it in the cage be prepared for looks of

“Oh My!! Where do I start.....Decisions, Decisions.”
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Dina’s Decisions, Decisions
Lego’s - 3 section used here
Lego base
Wood Beads
Cotton Rope/Sisal/Paulie Rope, your choice
Quick Link/Plastic Ring for hanging

Take a lego base and drill about 8 holes in it. (I made sure the rope came through both sides of it and knotted it at the base in the front and back). Alternate between a wood bead and a lego to get the desired length.  Do this on both sides of the base.  Attach Quick Link thru rope.  
This was made with the 3 section lego pieces.

Great way to use up Lego’s your kids have
Delta’s Balls of Lego Fun