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Nancy’s Paper Ring
J. Kaye’s Hanging Brown Paper Roll
1. This roll of brown paper was purchased from The Dollar Tree for $1.
I cut the roll into 2" thick sections. Then, I cut each section in half, doubling each strip of paper.
2. Using a hole puncher, I put a hole in the middle and threaded each piece of paper through a chain with a metal circle at the end. If you don't have extra chain, cotton or sisal rope will work too. Just tie a knot at one end.
3. After threading all the paper on, attach a Quick Link.
4. Your toy is ready for hanging!
Here's Sammie showing us the proper way to preen paper.
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Paper Plates 50 to 100 depending how big you want your ring - (I used approx 50)
Stainless Steel (SS) wire cut to length, again depending on how big you want your ring (I used approx 42”)  
1 plastic shower curtain ring for hanging

Tools: scissors -wire cutters - needle nose pliers - drill

1- Take paper plates cut each plate into 1/4 (these can be cut in 1/3 or 1/8 depending on size of bird)
2- Drill holes into paper plate sections for stringing. (NOTE: With this quantity of paper plates, it’s much easier to drill the hole....you can poke thru the plates if a drill is not available)
3- With wire cutters cut a length of SS wire approx 42”
4- Using needle nose pliers make a ring loop at one end of SS wire
5 - String paper plate sections on to SS wire (I found that if you alternate plate piece back to back then front to front you got a thicker ring) till SS wire is really full
6- Take needle nose pliers and make a loop ring at end of SS wire
7- Attach Shower curtain ring thru the 2 loops made in the SS wire (this will make your circle) and you have a hanger
What is nice about this is after your bird has destroyed the paper plate sections you can just undo one of the loops and start all over again re- stringing paper plate sections
This size was made for a CAG.
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