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J. Kaye’s Coffee Filter Toy

(copyright 2005)
Reprinted with permission
1. I purchased 300 ct generic coffee filters. I placed a stack over a 2" thick board. (This was done on the kitchen table, so I did not want to put a hole in it.☺)
2. With a hand drill, I drilled a hole in the center of the coffee filters. To hold the filters steady, I placed a thin piece of scrap board on top. Then drilled the hole.
3. Using pinking shears, I cut a slit about every couple of inches.
4. Using a strip of leather, I tied a knot on one end and began to thread the filters through. After around 40 - 50 filters were thread on to the leather, I strung a large plastic bead and repeated it until all the filters were on.
5. With the remaining leather, I strung beads. Between each bead, I tied  a knot.
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Coffee Filters
Cotton Rope
Plastic Bath Toys
Wooden Blocks
Food Coloring
Small Paint Brush
Drill a 1/4" hole through all of the coffee filters.  
(It’s easier if you place them on a piece of scrap wood to drill). Cut them into strips a couple of inches  apart or so. Take 1/4” cotton rope (could also use Paulie Rope/Sisal/Hemp, etc) and string it through the filters.
Add whatever you’d like at the top.  I used a wooden block, plastic spool, etc.
Thread whatever you’d like on the bottom also.  I used a kid’s bath toy, blocks, beads and a bell at the bottom.
Then when all attached, hang the toy up and use food coloring and a paint brush to ‘dapple’ on the color.
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Connie’s Colorful Filter Toy