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J. Kaye’s Hanging Shoebox Toy

2. Drilled small holes on the lid and bottom of the box. Also,
on the end sides. On the back side, I drilled two slightly larger holes.
This will be where the box is
going to hang from in the cage.
1. I began with a shoebox, newspaper (or white copy paper), and paper shred found at Dollar Tree.

(View of the other side)
3. Using 1/4" sisal, I added a knot (as shown above) for extra strength.
4. I drilled smaller holes on the other side. This is the side that will need to be closed.
5. Next, I took 1/8" thick jute and
cut 8" - 12" lengths. I threaded it through, starting on the inside of the box.
6. The string can be tied together or remain single.
7. I have lots of left over wood parts, plastic beads, and so forth. I used as much as
I could find to make the box colorful.
8. I did this to the front and back of the box, leaving the sides bare. I also didn't fill
all the holes as you can see.
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9. Next, I used curly ribbon (also found at the Dollar Tree) for the remaining holes on the top and bottom of the box.

(Finished View)
10. Next, I filled the bottom of the box with the paper shred.
11. Then added newspaper as a filler. I put the paper shred on the sides and top.
12. The box was closed and jute was used to secure a knot.
13. The remaining holes were enlarged slightly.
15. I inserted the hook and retrieved a small amount of the paper shred.
14. Out of scrap wire, I made a small hook.
16. Continuing on until all the side end holes were done.
Now the toy is ready to be hung!
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