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Teresa’s Coffee Filter Shredder Toy
Mucki’s Sleepy Hide-a-way
Package of Coffee Filters (unbleached)
Untreated Leather or Sisal Twine
Quick Link for hanging

Take a package of coffee filters from dollar store
and drill a hole in the middle of all of them. Then
cut strips around the filters every inch or so, to the
middle just to where the circle is. (See Picture #1) Start feeding onto untreated leather or sisal twine. To make nice and full put one filter on facing up and the next facing  down until finished.  (See Picture #2)
You can place beads in between sections if you’d like.
Attach Quick Link, hang and watch the filters fly!!   
Picture #1
Picture #2
Joanne B’s Coffee Filter Toy
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Page 2 2
1.  You can take a food skewer if you have one or vegetable tanned leather with a knot in the end.
2.  Prepare the coffee filters by poking a hole in them with scissors.
3.  Take the coffee filters and place them on the food skewer or leather.  Mix up how you put the coffee filters on.  One direction, then the other direction, then a group in the same direction etc.  However you want and as high as you want.
4.  Take a grapevine ball or a wiffle ball.  Something that can be stuffed.
5.  Stuff the ball with shredding material, eg. paper, small pieces of wood, q-tips, straws
6.  Put the ball onto the coffee filters that you have added.
7.  Repeat step 3 until you want to end the toy.
8.  Add the top of the food skewer or put a knot in the vegetable tanned leather and hang it as a toy.
9.  Enjoy!!
Unbleached Coffee Filters
Food Skewer or Veggie Tanned Leather Strip
Grapevine Ball or Wiffle Ball (something you can stuff goodies in!)
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Whiffle Ball - softball sized
Fabric strips

Cut fabric into strips.  Whatever length is good for your bird.  Your bird should be able to sit under this without bumping his head.
Tie fabric strips tightly to the ball.
Hang and enjoy!!