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TV Guide
Cotton Rope/Leather/Paulie Rope
2 Baby Links
Beads/Wooden Spools, etc
Thread beads on rope.  Make a small loop in each end.  Attach baby link on each end.  Attach one link to sisal  on TV Guide and the other end to cage/boing/playstand.  
This holder could be used to hang many different things.
TV Guide Holder
Plastic Chain
2 Large Marbella Balls
1 Marbella or Plastic Ring
1 Wiffle ball - Large
Shredded paper

Cut off 2 links (right in the middle of the link,
only on one side of the links), slide marbella ring
onto 1 link, attach it to the link rope and put a
marbella ball to close link.
Do the same thing to link #2 to attach to wiffle ball.
Stuff with shredded paper.
TV Guide Holder  ** SEE BELOW
Bend a TV Guide backwards.  Drill 2 holes in the binder part of it.  Thread Sisal twine thru it and tie in a knot. Fold the pages accordion style and hold each side in place with a clothespin for about 1 hour. (Doing this will make it fan shaped).  Now attach holder and hang.
3'' Marbella ball
1/4” sisal about 19" long (untreated)
I did dye this sisal,  using USDA safe dye and white vinegar; you can use plain also.

Take sisal and fold in 1/2, shimmy into hole in marbella ball, you'll need your needle nose pliers to help you pull it through. Add your quick link, push ball up tight. Take sisal and separate.  Hang and let your plucker go to town!!

‘CHEEP’ & VERY EASY... Good for Pluckers
Deb’s TV Guide Toy & Holder
Toni’s Wiffle Preener
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Toni’s Marbella & Sisal Preener