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1- Prepare cotton rope.  Cut into 7” lengths, then unravel rope into 3 separate pieces (if using 6 colors you will need 4 - 7” pieces of each color which will unravel into 12 pieces). Altogether you should have 72 pieces if using 6 colors.
2- Loop rope pieces onto all 3 bracelets.
3- Take long piece of twine, double it, and loop to bottom of one of the looped bracelets.
4- Add large wooden bead to the twine.
5- Take both pieces of the rope (the looping should have made 2 strings), tie knot near the top of the bracelet but not on the bracelet.
6- Take the 2 strings one on either side of the top of the bracelet, then add a small bead so that the string will be secured around the top of the bracelet, then tie a knot.  
7- Take second bracelet and take string and separate having 1 piece on either side of bottom of #2 bracelet then tie a knot to secure on to #2 bracelet.
8-Bring the 2 strings together and thread a large wood bead on twine. Tie a knot near top of  #2 bracelet and bring twine to top of #2 bracelet and separate the twine one on either side of top of  #2 bracelet. Then tie a knot to secure to top of #2 bracelet.
9- Take third bracelet and Repeat steps 7 and 8.
10- At top of 3rd bracelet instead of adding a bead, make a loop for hanging. Add plastic or SS link.
3 Kids Plastic Bracelets
Colored Cotton rope ( I had 6 different colors )
3 Wooden Beads & 2 Smaller Wooden Beads
Long piece of thin cotton rope or twine
Plastic link
Page 2 7
Page 2 9
Nancy’s Colorful Wreaths
Carolyn’s Shirley Temple Curls
Large Wiffle Ball
Paulie Rope/Cotton Rope/Leather - your choice for stringing
Plastic Beads
Quick Link or Plastic Ring for hanging

Take a length of rope (or whatever you’ve chosen to use), cut to length desired.  Tie secure knot in end.  Cut up strips of newspaper and punch holes in the centers.  Curl  them up to the hole using scissors (like your curl ribbon on gifts).  Put a bead on rope, then newspaper curl, bead, curl.  Use a large bead under newspaper curl so it won’t go through the hole. Repeat til you achieve the desired fullness.  This toy was make using 10 curls on each strand.
Another version of Shirley Temple Curls
using colored paper
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