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Susana’s L’il Preener
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Here's the bead I used for all of them. On that I tied 7
pieces of cotton twine - put an end thru the bead, pull the ends even, knot tight against the bead, so you have 14 threads below.  On the inner 6, I tied straws and beads (not shown).  The outer 4 on each side, I just 'unraveled' so they got that twisty look.
Large Plastic Bead
Cotton Twine
For the center, and to tie them  to the cage:  
8 pieces of cotton twine (more or less depending on how thick but I used 8) bundled together with a knot in the middle (see first picture). Take all of the ends except two (to tie it on with) and put them  thru the bead (I taped mine together with clear tape to shove them  thru)
In the second picture you see, on the right, the 14 strings coming out of the bead... On the left, the knot that was in the middle and the two strings you left behind.  
Third picture, flip it over, tie a knot in the strings on THIS side of the bead and trim and unravel them as well.    Use the two remaining strings to either tie them to the cage or attach something to do that with.

Eileen’s Fleece Ball
Cat Ball (I used 3”)
Fleece - at least a yard, washed!  Cut into 1” wide strips, approximately 9 strips.  Your choice on length
Crochet Hook - beg, borrow, hopefully not steal one  ☺☺

Push a piece of fleece through one hole and then use the crochet hook to pull it through another hole right next to it and tie a double knot. Push another strip in a nearby hole and pull it through the one you just did.  You are trying to cover all the ball..so if you see the ball in a place find two holes on either side and run a strip through. Leave one of the little holes if you want to hang it. Once you have the whole ball covered  cut an extra long piece and loop and tie it like picture 3. leave the two ends a little long so it matches the rest of the ball.
Take the loop and push it through the hole you saved and then pull it through the hole next to it about halfway. Then take the loop end and push it through the tied ends loop.  Pull up and it will make it hang and the knot end will cover the hole.