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Melamine 24” x 24”
Dowels 7/8” & ½”
Ladders purchased from pet store
Stainless Steel (SS) eyebolts
Screws & Glue
Cut Melamine to size (or you can have your hardware store do it).  The ladders purchased from the pet store were used as the guides for the different levels height. Allow at least  2” border around base so poopies will be caught!    
First, draw the design on the base.  Working from the left front, measure and draw in where you want the 1st post and perches.  Estimate the ladder height, taking into consideration the angle you want it at.  
Do the same for all levels. The measurement for the platforms comes by dividing the base into sections.  
(Personally, at this point I took Legos and pre-built the stand, just to make sure I was pleased with it!)
The dowels at the base are sunk in ¼” and screwed in from the bottom.  
All other dowels are glued in.
Toys attached using Stainless Steel eyebolts.
Catherine’s Playgym
Anna’s Playgym
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Cut 4 equal lengths of cotton rope, drill 4 holes in frisbee. Thread rope pieces in holes and tie knots in the bottom. Put finger pull toys on ropes. Use 1 swim ring towards the top and tie the rope around it in 4 places to stabilize it.  Bring the rope pieces up and thread thru 4 cat toy balls, tie knot in the top of ropes. In the center is a ball from  Dollar Tree. Hang your choice of a toy from the ball. Very, very easy to do and fun!!! Put treats in the frisbee for the birds to eat!!!
Cotton Rope
Finger Pull Toys
1 Swim Ring
4 Cat Ball Toys
Deb’s Hanging Perch Toy