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Kamie & Gary’s Portable Perch
Hoop Stand (Goodwill $20)
Sisal – ¼”
Natural Wicker Basket (Goodwill $3)
Plastic zip tie

Wipe stand down with vinegar and water.  
Cover the hoop with ¼” sisal.  (I bought
a 50’ pack and had quite a lot left over).
Attach wicker basket with zip tie.
The beauty of this stand is it can be
changed in many ways.  (See Bonnie S’s
hoop on previous page for more ideas).
Baskets are a big hit around here, very
near and dear to my birds little destructive
hearts.  They go on a chew and destroy mission
and baskets are certainly ‘cheep’ enough.
Mucki, Chibi & Chico give their new stand the beak of approval.
Stand:  1 x 1 x 4’ tall non-treated pine or any safe/untreated wood
Perch:   Manzanita – your choice of length
Stainless Steel (SS) lag bolt to hold perch to upright
2 pcs 1” PVC cut to 16” with angle cut
Stainless Steel (SS) sheet metal screws to attach PVC

Drill hole into the stand and perch, centered smaller than the lag bolt (to attach the SS lag bolt tight) to hold the manzanita in place.
Cross members made from 1” PVC cut at 16” with an angle cut to fit.  Attached with small SS sheet metal screws.

Base:  2 x 4 x 30” long  
Notched in center to fit top and bottom so they fit flat.
Drilled hole into base pieces smaller than lag bolt into stand.
Plexiglass added to base for poopy catcher, cut to size.
Food and water holders can be screwed into stand.

NOTE:  This stand is great for traveling.  Unscrew SS bolt from bottom to unassemble.  Folds flat for storage.
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Ilona’s Changeable Playstand

Hanging Pot Rack - Make sure the metal is safe!!!
(can be found in a kitchen supply store/ebay)
4 lengths of Stainless Steel (SS) Chain for hanging
4 SS ‘S’ hooks for attaching chain
Asst. toys

Attach SS hooks to top side of pot rack. Attach SS chain.  Bring all 4 ends together at top.  Connect with a ‘O’ ring.    Hang from ceiling.  Attach toys....Turn your birds loose and enjoy!!
(This was designed for a NY city apt.,  very low on space with 13’ ceilings.  Alexis devised a pulley system for lowering the gym)
Alexis’ Hanging Gym
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