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Plant Wire Basket (make sure it’s safe metal!!)
Macrame Plant Hanger
Cotton Rope (from cotton mop head) or
Fabric strips
Wash basket thoroughly before beginning.  On the bottom of the basket, criss-cross cotton rope (or fabric) around the wire circle so the birds have a comfy place to climb into.  Tightly knot cotton rope (or fabric) around rim.
Place basket in macramé holder. Attach toys and hang.
Great for small birds!!!
Hanging Wire Basket
4 Finger traps
1 Wood Napkin Ring
3 pieces Plastic Chain -  approx  24" long
3 Plastic Links
Paulie Rope- 3 pieces 20' long, 1 piece 8-10" long
Pony Beads
Wood Beads
1" Shredder                                        
Cotton Mop  (clean/unused!)
Nickel Plated or Stainless Steel (SS) link

Tools:  Scissors
1. Cut several 8" pieces of clean mop head rope.
2. Loop rope pieces around entire top rim of basket.
3. Loop several more pieces of rope throughout interior of basket.
4. String wood beads and pony beads onto cotton rope and attach around interior of basket in a weaving pattern.
5. Weave shredder around inside of basket just under top rim.
6. Attach 3 plastic links equal distance apart around top rim.
7. Attach one length of plastic chain to each of the links.
8. Drill 4 holes evenly spaced around center of napkin ring.
9. Insert a piece of paulie rope through each of the holes in the napkin ring and tie a knot on inside of ring.
10. On each string extending from the napkin ring string 5 or 6 pony beads, a wood bead, a finger trap, and another wood bead then tie knot to hold in place.
11. Attach NP or SS link to top link of each piece of plastic chain and thread through the napkin ring.
12. Tie knot at one end of the 8" paulie rope, string 1 wood bead.  Thread other end of rope down through the napkin ring, weaving it into the 3 pieces of plastic chain to lock the chain in place. Add a large bead and 2 smaller ones to the end of the rope and tie knot to hold in place.
13. Add larger plastic link at top.
14. Decorate to suit.
Ilona’s Hanging Basket Perch
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Nancy’s Wire Basket Perch

Original inspiration by Ilona!!