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YELLOW lines CAN be glued,
RED lines DO NOT  glue.
¾ inch PVC pipe cut as follows:
8 - 10 inch pieces
1 - 12-14 inch piece (this is the upright piece and can be from 10 inch to around 16 inch or so depending on your bird) I would not go much taller than that though because it starts to become unsteady.
6 end caps
4 ‘T’s

I used a hack saw to cut the PVC, it did not cut very straight, but it didn’t matter once it was assembled.
Put 2 - 10 inch pieces into each ‘T’ facing each other then cap the ends. These can be glued with hot glue if you choose too. If you are going to use this to be portable DO NOT glue the bottom of the ‘T’s, these will be the places you take it apart to travel.
Wrap one piece with Vet wrap , put all the pieces together and enjoy with your bird.
(NOTE:  If you are working with a larger or smaller bird you can go with smaller or larger PVC, though if you are going smaller you will probably need to make the height smaller to keep it stable).
Mike’s Perch

The gym was made by threading the cotton rope through the  bamboo as shown in the 2nd & 3rd pictures.
All 4 corners of the gym are threaded this way.
Then all 4 pieces of the cotton rope are threaded through 2 of the 1" pieces of bamboo.  
A knot is tied to form a loop for hanging and the remaining rope threaded back down the 1" pieces of bamboo.  
These were then platted and threaded through a 4" length of bamboo and a plastic flower disc and a knot tied to hold in place.

Other toys, a rope ladder and a small climbing net were added after the gym was complete.  

Supplies Needed

6 - 1" pieces of bamboo
8 - 6" pieces of bamboo with holes drilled at each end
6 - 6" pieces of bamboo
1 - 4" piece of bamboo
4 equal lengths of cotton rope
Plastic Flower Disc
Picture #2

Picture #3
Tanya and Holly’s Bamboo Gym