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2-tier plastic shower caddy (purchased at WalMart Super Center)
1 small wicker basket to fit top shelf of caddy
1 piece of nicely shaped bird safe tree branch, cut to suit  
(NOTE:  Clean and process the branch before attaching)
Paulie rope
Plastic chain (length to suit hanging needs)
2 plastic links
2 alpha blocks drilled to accommodate plastic link
Assorted beads
Plastic tray with slots (purchased at dollar store)
Shredder weaving material
Cotton mop rope (clean, unused)
Small “bird nest” (purchased at dollar store)
Stainless Steel (SS), 10-24 machine screws, nuts, and washers  
1 SS flat head screw, approx 1” long to attach perch to caddy
1. Place wicker basket on top tier of caddy. Drill 2 holes through  basket and caddy and attach basket to caddy using the SS screws, washers, and nuts.  
2. Drill pilot hole large enough to accommodate the 1” flat head screw  in the base of the perch.
3. Drill hole same diameter as flat head screw down through center of basket and caddy.
4. Attach perch to caddy using flat head screw inserted through
bottom of top tier and up through basket into the base of the perch.
5. Drill 2 more holes through basket and top tier of caddy- one on
either side of the base of the perch.
6. Thread 8” piece of Paulie rope through one of holes in step 5. Take other end of rope and attach 5 small beads, then thread other end of rope through remaining hole in basket.
7. Loop pieces of rope through slots in plastic basket.
8. Weave shredder paper in and out through slots in basket.
9. Drill 2 holes in back of top tier of caddy to attach plastic basket.
10. Attach basket to caddy using SS machine screws, nuts and washers using holes in step 9.
11. Attach plastic chain and block to link, attach link to basket
handle. Repeat on opposite side of basket.
12. Decorate with small toys as desired.
13. If screws protrude you can cover with small wood beads.
Nancy’s Shower Caddy Perch
Length of Plastic Chain - this one is 1" plastic chain
Sisal  - this is 1/4”
Assorted Toys for Hanging
Quick Links to hang with

Thread 1/4" Sisal through it.  Tie knots in the Sisal and stick a quick link at each end.  Then just tie a few pieces of Sisal in various spots on the chain, hang some wood pieces, beads, whatever off the strands, and you are done.  Guaranteed a beaks up!!!!
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