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1. Start off with a Hula Hoop. There are two sizes.
For this project, I'm using the smaller one.
2. Mark the hoop into three even sections. Holding the hoop vertical/upright, drill a hole on the marked spot. (Make sure before you begin drilling that the drill bit is the proper size for eye bolts.)
3. The size used in this project is 1/4" x 2"; chrome, stainless steel, or nickel plated are best.
4. Attach the eye bolts with the round part on the outer side of the hoop.
5. Next comes the rope. I tried sisal, but to me, cotton worked best, 1" thick Supreme Cotton Rope(TM) to be exact. I cut the rope into 12" lengths, then unraveled the rope into 3 sections.
6. From  there, I took  anywhere
from 5 to 10 strands and tied in a knot to the hoop.
7. Continue with the knots until the entire hoop is full. Keep the rope tight together.
8. It's not necessary, but I like to trim  up the rope to make it even.
10. ...and dyed the wood rods with Wilton's Icing Color. For a recipe, click here
9. Next, I took three 5/8" x 36" wood rods that I purchased from the craft store...
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11. Inserted an eye screw into each end. Open up the eye screw.
12. And attach it to the eye bolt. Do this with each rod.
14. The Hanging Hoopla should start looking like this.
15. For the poop tray, a 26" Electric Water Heater Drain Pan is used.
17. Drill a hole in each marked spot.
18. If you make the hole too big, like me, a washer will secure the eye bolt.
There are so many other things you can add to this hanging play gym, such as eye screws to the wood part for hanging toys.
13. Attach the other end of a rods to a Quick Link.
16. Set The Hanging Hoopla directly into the drain pan. With white chalk, mark the pan where the eye bolts are resting.
Last: To hang the pan, take two "S" hooks and attach it to the eye bolt on the pan and the eye bolt on the hoop.
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Kathy W’s Hanging Hoopla

Originally viewed on The Frugal Parrot website
(copyright 2004)