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Freestanding T-stand with metal pipe base - (T removed)
Mist Stick (see picture below)
Grapevine Wreath (Freecycle!)
Butcher’s Twine
Cloth strips
Cable Ties/Zip Ties
Toys for playing

Remove “T” from stand.  Insert end of Mist stick into stand.  Should fit securely, if not, can be secured with duct tape/electrical tape/strapping tape, etc.  (Safety’s not an issue here, pipe will be  covered!!).  Wrap entire thing tightly with sisal.
The Grapevine wreath came from Freecycle.  Take it apart carefully. Take a few pieces and bend to form circle (easier to work with if wet).  Ends are secured together with cable/zip ties. Tie on pieces of butcher twine, cloth strips and toys for decoration. Attach wreath to stand using either cable ties, sisal, butcher twine, etc.  
NOTE:  You could choose to not wrap sisal around the mist stick, attach hose to end and have a birdie bath stand.
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Take a Frisbee (for medium parrots) or Snow Saucer (for larger parrots), 3 plastic chains (for this project 4' lengths are used), 3 - 1/4" x 2" eye bolts, 6 matching washers, and self locking nuts.
Attach the eye bolts to the plastic chains by spreading the eye bolts apart with pliers, slip the chain on and squeeze the eye bolts back together again. Next, divide the Frisbee/Saucer into three sections. Drill a hole towards the edge of each section. Then, place a washer on each eye bolt before putting the eye bolt through each hole, add another washer and fasten with the self locking nut.
Attach the chains together with an aluminum link. To the same link attach a scrap piece of chain or rope. Slip on a PVC pipe. (This is to keep your parrot from decorating your ceiling).
Add a link to the end and it's ready for hanging.
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Pam’s Frisbee Fun

Reprinted with Permission
Medium size hula hoop

Wind sisal around the entire hula hoop.
Braid sisal and make any design going across.
Hang beads, toys, anything your birdies like.
Ilona’s Bird Catcher
ET gives this stand his beak of approval!!
Mist Stick
Donna’s Mister Stand