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Toni’s Portable Perch

4 - Organizer Clamps
1- 2 X 12  16" long
1" Dowel cut into 15", 13-3/4" and 9"  (with a 1" notch for the perch)
2- 5/16" Screw Bolts
3- 5/16” Nuts

On the base drill hole for 1 of your 5/16th" nuts.  Bang in with hammer.
On the 15" long dowel put 1 screw bolt in the end and a nut, on the other end of the dowel drill out so the next dowel will screw down into it.
On the 13 3/4" dowel put the other screw bolt with nut (on the other side is where your perch will go).
On the 9" dowel  notch out 1" in the very center.  This you will screw on to the 13 3/4" dowel with SS screw.
On the back of your base screw down your clamps - don't have to be SS.
The handle on the base is  1/2 of a circle that was jigsawed out, router & rasp file for smoothness.

Perfect for traveling with your feathers!!
Ready to go!!
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