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Stainless Steel (SS) Wire
5 Wood Beads
5 Wood Spools
6 Popsicle sticks
1 Cat Bell
2 Finger Traps
Hanger of your choice – Plastic Shower Curtain Ring, SS Link, Plastic Baby Ring

Tools:  Wire Cutters – Needle Nose Pliers – Drill (If sticks have no holes)

1- With wire cutters take SS wire & cut to length needed (approx  20”).
You can always cut a little bigger just in case.
2- Make loop at top of SS wire with needle nose pliers –
make sure no sharp ends for bird to hurt themselves!
3- Start stringing wood bead -- wood spool -- finger trap -- wood bead –- wood spool -- 3 Popsicle sticks -- wood bead -- wood spool -- 3 Popsicle sticks -- wood bead -- finger trap -- cat ball -- wood bead ( select colors of your choice).
4- Make loop at end of SS wire to secure.
5- Add link, shower curtain ring or SS Link to hang by.
Nancy’s Whirlygig
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Swirly Straw

2 Large Wood Beads -
With holes
3 Small Wood Beads -
With holes

Various Plastic Parts
I purchased the straw at the dollar store.  Cut the long end off of it.  Squeeze the ends of the straws with pliers in order to get them to fit into the holes of the wood beads.   Before putting on the other wood bead on the end,  just add some other wood beads with bigger holes and some various plastic pieces that would go up and down the swivel.  Finished off the end with another wood bead.
One small plastic lid
One larger plastic lid
Butcher’s twine
Pony beads

Cut out center of lids.
Cut 24” butcher’s twine.
Loop butcher’s twine around small plastic lid.
Tie two knots.
Loop around larger plastic lid.
Tie one knot.
String on pasta.
String on pony bead.
Tie a knot.
Continue all around until filled.
Cut off excess twine.
ET, the quaker gives this toy
his beak of approval
“Open the door Mama”!
Delta’s Silly Straw
Toni’s A*B*C Mobile
Donna’s Pasta Sun