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1 – ¾” dowel cut to 6-1/2 “ long
Eyebolt (SS) screw hook (screw into top of dowel)
8 Marbella rings/Plastic Rings
2 SS Metal rings
Large wood ball
Sisal to tie at top
Quick Link/Pear Link to attach plastic ring to
Shower Curtain Ring/Plastic Ring for hanging

Tools:  Drill

Drill partial hole in ball, smaller than your size dowel,
bang in with a rubber hammer.  Screw eyebolt into top  of dowel.  Attach Quick Link. Put Marbella/ Plastic Rings & SS Metal Rings on dowel.  Tie sisal around eyebolt, attach shower curtain ring and hang.
This could be made smaller for a foot toy for larger birds.
Stainless Steel (SS) Chain
Leather Lace, Paulie Rope, Cotton Rope
Wooden Stars & Balls (dyed with food coloring)
Tie straws of different colors on both sides of SS chain.  Tie leather lace/paulie rope to last link on chain.  Thread dyed wooden stars and balls on. Knot each end.
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Carolyn’s Straws & Stars
Toni’s Ring Toss
The size of wreath depends on your size of bird. For this project, I am using a 13" willow wreath. This wreath was purchased at the Dollar Tree for $1.
Next, I attached a Quick Link to the wreath with a plastic tie. Did the same thing with all sorts of toy parts. I attached each one with a plastic tie. Many were leftovers from old toys. :-)
Even added some old chain from an old toy. I continued until the wreath was packed with toy parts, both plastic and wood pieces.
Now it's ready to hang!
J. Kaye’s No Drill Wreath