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Toni’s Snowman
1 Stainless Steel chain/Plastic chain or dog choke chain   
NOTE: USE DOG CHOKE CHAIN WITH CAUTION!  (cut off 1 ring where indented, save for bottom)
1 Aerosal Lid (wash thoroughly before use)
1 Square Piece of Leather (with hole in the middle)
2 Medium  Wiffle Balls
1 Large  Wiffle Ball
4 Small  Wiffle Balls
2 Long pieces of Leather
Medium Wood Balls, Plastic Toys (waffle blocks here)
Strips of Cotton Material (washed!)
Sisal Pieces (for hair)
Hemp or Jute Rope
Saved ring to go on bottom

Start placing items closest to where the attached ring on toy is and work downward. The saved ring must be closed after going through chain at the end. This one is covered  with the hemp.  
Stainless Steel Spoons (Goodwill)
Stainless Steel Chain
2 Pear Links/Quick Links to attach chain
to spoon & to attach chain to ring
Plastic Ring/Baby Link/Shower Curtain Ring
Marbella Ball
2 Marbella Squares

Tools:  Drill  
Have any unmatched stainless steel spoons in that drawer?
Drill a hole in spoon handle. Take a piece of chain & attach to spoon with pear link. Put large marbella ball at the bottom then 2 marbella squares (smaller size) another pear link at top of chain and a baby link.  
Put a small amount of peanut butter on it and sprinkle with flax seed or sesame seed. It’s a real treat and a toy too!!
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Toni’s Peanut Butter Spoon Treats
 Carolyn’s Birdie Blocks

Attach 4 pieces of rope or chain securely to the Quick Link/Plastic Ring.  On each piece, string a marbella bead, a hard plastic tube, a wooden ball, a wood block, then the badminton birdie.  Knot securely inside the birdie.  
Unused Badminton Birdies
Marbella Beads
Hard Plastic Tubes
Wooden Balls
Wooden Blocks
Cotton Rope/Paulie Rope/Sisal/Hemp/SS Chain
Quick Link/Plastic Ring for hanging