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Wiffle Ball - any size you want
Straws cut in pieces
Small Wooden Blocks
Butcher’s Twine/Paulie Rope/Leather Strips/Cotton Rope - your choice
Plastic Chain for hanging
SS “O” Ring for attaching chain

Attach “O” ring to top hole in ball and chain, squeezing shut tightly with pliers.  Thread
your choice of stringing material either all the way thru the ball or thru 2 adjacent holes.  Begin stringing your choice of wooden pieces, separated by straw.  End with wood piece.  Knot tightly and hang.
1. The size of wreath depends on your bird and what you use the toy for. For this example, I used a 9" willow wreath purchased at the Dollar Store for $1 each.
2. Next I attached the wreaths together with plastic ties. I purchased these at Home Depot, but there are other places too such as Big Lots.
3. I tightened the ties really tight and attached a Quick Link to the top with one of the same ties.
Decorating is always an option, but I like it just this way.
J. Kaye’s Wreath Rings

Carolyn’s Lotsa Blocks & Straws

Intertwine Bouncing Ball
Plastic Tie
Plastic Chain
Sucker Sticks
Quick Link
1. Attach the chain & ball with a plastic tie.
2. Begin inserting sucker sticks through the ball.
3. This process isn't as random as it looks. I inserted the stick through the tiny spaces,
BUT EXITED out the larger hole.
4. Not all the holes were filled, but most were. The ball is packed!

This can be converted into a foot toy by simply excluding the chain, quick link, and plastic tie.
J. Kaye’s Sucker Ball